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1st Exclusive European Leader Summit !

3 - 5 September, Amsterdam (NL)

Your Summit Aims?

1. Building a new & sustainable Community to advance & accelerate the uptake of AI and cross-value chain collaboration
2. Fostering AI Innovation: Expedite the use of AI to enrich the world with better, more sustainable food options
3. Collaborative Exploration: Establish a dynamic platform that fosters inspiration and efficiency, where professionals can jointly discover creative avenues for achieving their aspirations
4. Knowledge Integrations & Creating Unity: Bridging the knowledge and data gaps
5. Synergistic Partnerships: Encourage collaborative innovation between AI, food, agriculture, and other sectors to enhance every link in the value chain.

75+ Food Companies & Suppliers Present 


11 AI Opportunities | 30+ Use Cases | Free Master Class 

This pivotal summit brings together the brightest minds in AI technology, food production, and supply chains to collaborate, exchange insights, and explore the potential of AI across 11 key opportunities and challenges:
1. Mastering the Data!
2. Consumer Innovation
3. Personalised Nutrition
4. Discovery
5. Product Innovation
6. Processing Optimization
7. Upcycling
8. Food Safety
9. Sustainability
10. Sharing Data & Collaboration
11. Implementing AI in your Organisation


The free MASTERCLASS will showcase 30+ Use Cases. Suppliers can apply for a presentation.

This unique programme is developed with top expert speakers and our Advisory Board.


37+ Speakers, Panel Members & Chairs

What to Expect ?

- Engaging Panels and Discussions

- Interactive Sessions

- Innovative User Case Solutions

- AI & FoodTech Agenda Setting

Who to Expect ?

Director IC(T), VP Digital Business & Innovations, Director Data Analytics & Digital Transformation, Digital & Data Director, Digital Innovation Platform Lead, Deputy CFO/Digital Projects Manager etc.

Business People Applauding

Join the New Community!

The AI & FoodTech Summit convenes a global community of the most innovative and successful leaders in AI for two days of insightful discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and unparalleled hospitality.  

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